Earth Born Co., Ltd
37/1 Sukhumvit 67, Sukhumvit Road, North-Phra Khanong, Vadhana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
(t) +66-02 714 1167
(f) +66-02 658 3846

We are proud to announce that Earth Born's brand of virgin coconut oil are:
  • 100% pure
  • premium grade quality
  • light textured
  • cold pressed
  • extracted via centrifugal separation technique

THAIFEX - World of Food Asia 2006
Trade : 17-19 May 2006
Public: 20-21 May 2006

VCO as bird flu remedy?
NEWS FLASH. If coconut oil has proven effective for HIV-AIDS cases, it might also be good as a H5N1 (bird flu) remedy. Studies must now be made on the oil's efficacy against this new disease that threatens to become a worldwide epidemic...

Hypothyroidism and Virgin Coconut Oil (press release)
There are many side effects of a sluggish thyroid gland and the resulting slower metabolism. First of all it effects your energy level greatly, and with a slower metabolism and subsequent reduction in activity...

Coconut oil proponents making voices heard
Because it raises cholesterol (both good and bad) individuals are often advised to stay away from coconut oil, but US News is reporting some diet book authors feel the negative effects of coconut oil are overblown...

Virgin coconut oil wins the war of oils
Oil extracted from coconut milk using heat in the traditional kitchen process may no longer be as virgin, but the natural oil is a grade better than refined cooking oil...
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